Sunday, September 6, 2015

Halloween DIY Projects: Jack-o-lantern mug, headband, and hair clips.

This year I am doing some early prep for the Halloween season with DIY projects!
So far I have made a Jack-o-lantern mug, a black and orange headband, and some hair clips.
Here are some photos of the finished product:

Materials: Mug, Paint pen.

For the jack-o-lantern mug, I bought an orange coffee mug from the dollar store. To make the jack-o-lantern face and "BOO!" design, I used a black paint marker. Paint markers stick to ceramic and won't come off in the dishwasher! Wash your mug thoroughly with soap and water before you draw on it.

Materials: plastic headband, orange ribbon, black ribbon, sequin ribbon, needle, thread, E6000.

For the headband, I bought some plastic headbands and different color ribbon and sequins from the dollar store. I wrapped orange ribbon around the headband very tightly and tucked in the ribbon on the ends of the headband. I sewed it into place with a strand of black sequins. I then made a bow using one piece of black ribbon and one piece of orange ribbon stacked together, and glued it into place with E6000. 

Materials: Black ribbon, metal hair clips, halloween buttons, E6000.

For the hair clips, I made three bows using the black ribbon. I then cut off the loop on the back of each halloween button, and glued them onto the ribbons using E6000. I then glued each bow onto a hair clip. For this project it is helpful to have alligator clips or another type of clamp to hold the bows and hair clips together while they dry.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

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