Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Selected Works and Artists from Spring 2014 BFA Show at SAIC

I was very impressed with this semester's BFA show at SAIC (Spring 2014). I was already familiar with many of the artists and their work, but each person had something fresh and new to display. I also discovered many new faces and incredible talents. If I showed you everyone's work (there were 286 individuals in the show), we would be here all day. SoI have narrowed it down to the must - sees and my favorites! Here they are:

Christie Carlson

"Fallacy" (I and II), 2014. Velvet, silk, and thread. Her most recent works like this series are not featured on the website provided, however she has stayed true to her clean, simple aesthetic.

Melissa Chen

Fantastical works in a variety of mediums. She managed to include five pieces in her display:

"Bat Shoe" and "Dragon Scale Shoe" Etchings, 2013

"The Nebula" Oil painting, 2013

"The Ivan Nebula" Oil painting, 2013

"The Elephant in the Room" Bronze sculptures, 2013

Jory Drew

"Caryatid on Black Box", print on cardboard with found objects, 2014

Oakley Gregory

Sculptures made using assorted bullet casings. (Front and back view of installation)
Very creatively designed, and well-made. His display reminded me of the aesthetic of some works at the National Veterans Art Museum.

Christopher Maves

"Chicago, 17:57"

Chris displayed this image along with two others.
(Image source chrismavesphotography.com)

Installation view of "Chicago, 16:00", "Chicago, 17:57", "Chicago, 13:01" (Left to right)
His work captures the unseen movement and reflections that buildings capture, while we go about our busy lives not bothering to look up and around at our surroundings.

'In Search of the Real Thing' Group Show:

Helmut Hammen

"Untitled" (Rendered image with news clippings #1), 2014. 

"Untitled" (rendered image with news clippings #2), 2014

Davud (Won) Heo

"Guidance", 2014, copper etching

"Realization", 2014, copper etching
David's work deals with his identity as an American and his Korean ancestry, among other things. His etchings have a folky, story-telling aesthetic that causes viewers to relate the work to their own childhood.

Tiffany Suh

Still image from her video installation "Portrait of Picasso". (Image source tiffanysuh.com)
The installation consisted of an old display case from the Art Institute of Chicago that used to house a work by Picasso, and a projection onto that case of a looped video. I was unable to capture a photo that did the work justice.

'Mother Mortar' Group Show:

Daniel Davidowitz

"And I Promised Him I Would Not be Afraid" Copper Etching.
(Image source danieldavidowitz.tumblr.com)

Eric Saudi

Artist posing with work.
(Image source ericsaudi.com)

Nancy Sayavong

"Dream Boat" 2014 installation views. 
(Image source nancysayavong.tumblr.com)

The two other artists in this group show, Hye Shin Chun and Fuko Ito, did not provide websites. Here are their installations in the group show:

"Endless Ellipses", Fuko Ito. Mezzotint, 2014

"Untitled", Hye Shin Chun. Oil painting, 2014

As a whole, this group show worked very well in showing a cohesive aesthetic. Rustic, organic, and nostalgic.

Visual Communication / Design: 

Christopher Givens

"Potential Sans" Installation (Take-away). I took a forward slash.
(Image source chrisgivens.de)

Cassaundra White

Her "Dead Lead Echoe" Installation included a stack of old letterpress characters and an editioned take-away page. I grabbed number 64 of 1500.

Sky White

"Cosmic Potentials" 2014. Building set made with laser-cut wood
Had fun interacting with these building sets, and watching others in their own amusement.

The Spring 2014 Undergraduate Exhibition at Sullivan Galleries on State Street is open until April 2nd. If you have not been able to come out and see it yet, I suggest you do! This coming weekend may be your last chance. I have gone to see the exhibit three times now. It is a very large show, and I have actually managed to spend some time with every piece. Congratulations to every one in the show! This semester's exhibition is definitely something special.

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