Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Artist Statement

Here is my most recent artist statement. It covers the paintings I have created over the past two years, as well as those that I plan to make in the near future.

I am haunted by my dreams and memories; they are ever-present in my work. Working from these past experiences I translate objects and people into simplified forms, colors, and lines. As my paintings transform into a finished piece colors change and objects shift. I create a visual language that provokes emotions and promotes automatic associations between my work and the viewer’s subconscious. The resulting image, like my memory, is a distortion of the truth. This stitching together of emotions, dream language and reality is represented physically in the way that the surface is constructed. I often cut, tear, and sew on the canvas, or combine it with other fabrics in order to create a uniquely textured surface. A surface that begs to be touched, as if by reaching out, you would find yourself in another place.

Father, 2013

20, 2013

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