Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fall 2013 BFA Show Highlights

Listed below are some of the artists who participated in this year's Fall 2013 BFA Show. Some of them I know personally, or have had the pleasure of taking a class with them during my time at SAIC. But they are all artists whose work was very impressive, and stood out in this large gallery show. I have also provided links to their websites for further viewing. The Fall 2013 BFA Show was on view at SAIC's Sullivan Galleries from November 2nd - 16th. I hope you enjoy their work as much as I did, and take the time to visit their websites!

Bo Yoon

Bo's Installation "My Bed" included a video projection, and a bed she constructed. The quilt on the bed was hand sewn, felted, and embroidered, and each square contained a word or phrase. The quilt squares say such things as "Keep Anger and Struggle On", and "Rainbow of Shits", for example. The installation was located in its own small room in the gallery. This is definitely one piece that is best viewed in person, so that you can walk around the full length of the bed, and read each saying. 

Esmeralda Cuevas:
Aquia Chicago WEBSITE
(no personal website listed)

Esmeralda's installation featured shirts that you can purchase from Aquia Chicago. These articles of clothing are handmade from sustainable materials and naturally dyed. Each shirt features a design based off of a photograph of different residents in Aquia's community.

Ksenia Potocki-Rudnicki
(No website)

Ksenia's work is titled "Life Cycle". The nine pieces are individually titled "Born","Grown", "Dream", "Search", "Love", "Struggle", "Hope", "Lost", "Passion", "Settle", and "Die". Each one is screen-printed. This installation reminded me of tantric art, since the viewer is obligated to move left to right, taking a moment to meditate on each piece.

Kayleigh Kueffner

Kayleigh's installation featured five prints and illustrations titled "Specimen Preparation", and an actual taxidermy bird from the Field museum. The illustrations were very detailed, and had very attractive composition. The real specimen was an excellent touch.

Evelin Garza Luna

Short and sweet, and very cool! Click the link to view Evelin's animation "Forget Me Not". The animation also features music by Pete Adam Bialecki (Below).

Pete Adam Bialecki

Pete's instalation included "Ways To Play A melody: Counterpoint" (Shown) and "Complimentary Notes At The End" (Sculpture).

Guillermo Rodriguez Torres
(No website)

This painting, titled "Lay", was very beautiful in person. I was very attracted to the texture of the paint, and the composition, which appears to be a dog laying down. I was very sad to see that there was no business card to take or website listed.

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