Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Paintings from Fall 2012

Untitled. Oil, scrap canvas, and pumice ground on canvas. 34 x 44 Inches

"Grin and Bear It" Oil on draped canvas. 64 x 64 inches

"Back in 5" Oil, scrap linen, and pumice ground on canvas. 32 x 20 inches

For my final critique of the Fall 2012 semester, I presented these paintings in the same order, hung left to right. My work in the class dealt largely with exploring and interpreting subconscious phenomena. The is a plump, pale man who keeps sneaking into my work. I will start a piece, seeking to create a completely non-representational work of art, only to find myself depicting the man in various poses. Now that the pattern has arisen, I feel the need to continue to pursue  this narrative, whether by force or by interpreting my paintings as one would interpret a dream.

"Grin and Bare It" is the final result of a painting I had been planning for a long time. I have featured a smaller version of it on the blog before. When I hung it up for the critique, the full effect of the piece was perfect. There it was, this huge, grotesque question mark of a painting, churning the stomach and causing you to stare at it, almost against your will. And doubt in my mind about the power and success of the piece vanished. The only question now is, how the heck do I store the darn thing?