Monday, May 14, 2012

WAVEFORMS May 11th, Spring 2012

My sound sculpture which I have previously mentioned on the blog was shown at this event, mainly playing before and after the set of pre-recorded works and live performances. Shown is also my boyfriend Christopher holding his hand-made instrument as well as other items made by people in his instrument-making class which were all played together as a group called "Do Dad Eco Zen".
Me and Chris dragged our roommate along, and it was quite a good night. Each person there received a copy of the works shown on CD.
I was surprised and very pleased at the big turn-up! Afterwards people hung around to talk and my piece was able to get a bit more face-time with attendees. Very different from the show last December, which was short and sweet, and much smaller.

Crazy About This Guy

Jacob Lawrence, Through Forests, Through Rivers, Up Mountains.

I recently did my final paper for African American Art History on this piece. The subject is Harriet Tubman and the underground railroad. The canvas is loaded with so much information, symbols, and artistic devices, and so I was drawn to it as an excellent work of art to write about.

My initial attraction to Jacob Lawrence came from the similarity in style that I have to him. Researching his work caused me to realize just how much I am drawn to his imagery. I chose one piece so that I could more closely examine one aspect of his work - story telling. However, there is much more about him that I admire.

Above are "Marionettes" and a piece from Lawrence's Hiroshima series. These both relate more closely to my own interests in terms of his color use, line work, and compositional aesthetic.

Friday, May 4, 2012

SAIC Blogs » Waveforms: Friday, May 11 – Elastic Arts « Inside Sound

SAIC Blogs » Waveforms: Friday, May 11 – Elastic Arts « Inside Sound

Come and support if you are in the chicago area! Should be a great night of SAIC student-made sound art performance! Also my first show, so kind of a big deal!