Sunday, February 26, 2012

LVL3: Three Vertices

LVL3 is celebrating their two year anniversary with this show, with five artists, featuring works with one superficial theme: They contain triangles. The show strived to reveal the meaning behind the use of this geometric shape, but most of the works very loosely fit this theme. That was one pleasant surprise for me, having expected fields of tessellated rainbow triangles, or prisms floating in outer space. Unfortunately, just because this was not your average triangle art, doesn't mean it had any other unique flare to it.
There was, however, one artist who stood out among all the others. This was the work of Alex Ebstein, who's structures of wood, paper, and yarn I found quite enchanting. They were well thought out compositionally, and looked like solid, sturdy objects put together in an efficient, professional manner.
The LVL3 space is a large open room on the 3rd floor of a building. I found it a great place to visit, and will probably come back soon to check out their new artist book shop. The Three vertices show will be up until March 25th, and I encourage you to come check it out for yourself. Check out the links above!

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