Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pam Lins - New York Studio and Chicago Gallery

Pam Lins' studio is located in a large building in Williamsburg with a vintage store on the bottom floor. Winding through narrow rooms created by stacks of materials, we are brought to a room in the back with three of her most recent sculptures. Each one appeared to be made with plaster strips, pencils, and string, among other things. Each of the sculptures rested atop wooden podiums built by hand. She explained that the color choice of the top part of each of the podiums came from automobile colors - ones designed to get the customer to buy the car.

Pam mentioned the lack of role models - people to look up to in the field of sculpture - and that one of her few influences was of coarse Brancusi - which I had gotten a feel for from her attention to the podium as part of the sculpture itself. Though for the most part her aesthetic decisions puzzled me, I admired her process. I have great respect for sculptors as it is, since I myself seem to lack their feel for materials.

When I went to the Suburban, a space in located Oak Park, There were a few artists on display in different rooms. I was surprised to find that in Pam Lins' room, there were wall pieces in place of one of her sculptures. These seemed to serve as studies - observations of the role of a sculpture when constructed into different forms. On top of serving this purpose, I found the treatment of materials and subtle, smudged color very attractive within these works on Paper and wood panel.

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