Sunday, January 8, 2012

NYC study trip

I am currently in the middle of a study trip through my school, where we have been visiting Museums, Studios, and Galleries all over the city, and even the midtown office of Art Forum magazine. This trip is giving us a great perspective on what's out there in terms of resources for artists, and how artists who work with different mediums might go about getting themselves known.
As well as being a great chance to meet people and see new things, it has really gotten me inspired to make art and set goals for myself.

Here are some photos of the trip so far!
(Please excuse the fact that I haven't done a post with a lot of images in a while so I forgot to compensate for the fact that blogger uploads the images in backwards order - to lazy to re-do it at this point)

I found this very similar to my own work! This work and others like it by Melissa Gordon are currently on display at the Marianne Boesky gallery in chelsea!

Very arte-povre-esque! Sculpture by up - and coming artist Ned Colclough, on display at his first solo show at Nicelle Beauchene Gallery in China town.

Cute church in midtown!

Maurizio Cattelan, All, at the Guggenheim! Just ordered the book of the same title and I CAN NOT WAIT.

View from Church ave and e 17th st at 7 in the morning, first day of class.

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