Thursday, January 12, 2012

A New York City Experience: Improvised Shakespeare

Theatre 80 on St Marks Place

On Friday, January 6th , my sister invited me to come see improvised shakespeare with her friends. The improvised Shakespeare group coincidentally is based in Chicago, but they come to New York for a season each year to do their show. At the beginning of a show they ask the audience to pick the title of the play, and then the entire one act play is made up on the spot then and there, never to be repeated ever again. Why is this called improvised shakespeare you ask? Because the entire play is spoken in iambic pentameter, and in old english! They also frame the show the way shakespeare would, in terms of characters and their relationships, and the drama that ensues.

The play that I had the pleasure of watching that night was entitled “My Taco is Your Taco”. The British and the Spanish were looking to become allies by wedding the King of England’s daughter to prince of Spain, but the princess was in love with another man and ran away. Meanwhile the King of England’s brother consipired to make himself king, and start a war with the Spanish. In the end, the English Princess and the Spanish Prince fell in love, and the evil brother’s plan was foiled. Needless to say it was quite entertaining, and I nearly split my sides laughing. I look forward to hunting them down in Chicago to experience it again!

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