Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Workaholic, Me.

I have managed to completely clog up my schedule between working four days at Shark Crafts and two days at the Cupcake, spending time with Albert, and caring for my new turtles Bert and Ernie. Not so much time for art as I had hoped. But today I decided to begin a 30 day drawing challenge. Hopefully that will keep me on my toes. And, of coarse, there is a bit of room each day in life for "random acts of art", whether it be sketching/ writing in my notebook, witnessing peculiar happenstances in nature/ in the city, or getting something done, whatever it may be. I try to give myself "projects" at least, whether mental or physical, in order to feel I am staying true to myself in terms of my goals for this summer as well as life in general.
Well, enough boring talk.

Here are a few things I have yet to get done:
- Buy screen printing supplies
- Pimp my new plain black zipper hoody
- Sell my artwork/ jewelry

As for the drawing challenge, here are the results of day one: draw myself. I know, it is actually kind of terrible. Actually. But at least I'm not cheating. I never was very good at on-the-spot portraits, perhaps that is another thing I should work on this summer.

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