Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lots and lots of Marilyn Manson...and a little rambling...hey just warning you.

"Antichrist Superstar" - can't really see the antichrist part, oops. Combination collage and drawing.
"Golden Age of Grotesque" - Mixed media with images, paint, and sharpie.
"Pretty as a ($)" - Marilyn Manson song off of the High end of Low. Marker.

"Spade" - Marilyn Manson song off of Golden Age of Grotesque - Collage and sharpie. I know, the bottom A's are supposed to be upside-down. Again, oops. But happy accidents. I like them.

So, if I may suddenly jump to a new topic - in Art History today we learned about the English pop artists as well as the Situationist International. Two very different movements going on at the same time in Europe. The English pop artists were poking fun at America's consumer culture and wealth/excess in a humorous way, while at the same time aspiring to be like us, because, well, all they had on their plate over there in England was SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM. The Situationists, however, believed that the world was becoming so numb by consumer culture and mass media that they desired to "create" genuine experiences for the public viewing their art. Most of these "experiences" they "created" were manipulating large crowds of people into inciting riots in the street that destroyed property and got people killed (by police and such trying to control the crowd which would not have even happened if the situationists had just kept their mouth shut and minded their own business). Somehow, they got to America and started inciting these riots on our turf. Amazingly (not really) these riots were of little purpose politically or otherwise, and didn't receive a very significant place in art history (yay). So basically, the English inspired us to consider our material flaws through the use of humor, while the situationists created "experiences" of violence and in the end achieved in proving absolutely NOTHING. They were worse than the hippies, I mean, at least the hippies didn't believe in violence and just sat around sedated all day (but still achieved nothing). But the situtionists were like "Hey! I know what will get people's attention! Lets get people killed and call it art!" So, I think we all see the moral in this story, there is little need to reiterate, you have been a great audience for putting up with my rant, thank you for your time.

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