Saturday, April 17, 2010

I also walk the walk...

"Spoon River" - Named for a song I am obsessed with - Acrylic on Canvas, 14" x 11". Originally it was one of those paintings I make when I am goofing off at 2 in the morning because I can't sleep, but as I continued to work on it I realized I should give it to a friend of mine, Allison, who I have been telling I owe a painting for a while now. May need a bit of work, but it's at a stage where I am afraid to touch it because I don't want to mess it up. To me, internally, that tells me I am done.
"Reflecting God" - Just made that title up on the spot, since to me it is a spiritually inspiring object, as well as it reminds me of a Marilyn Manson song by the same name. Acrylic on Wood, 6" x 10". My favorite out of a set of three I made for a Core class project inspired by Matisse, and I know I should only be posting independent work (as I inscribed as a rule for this blog), but it is a definite portfolio piece and I'm proud of it, plus we were given really loose guidelines for the project so I had total freedom. You gotta check it out in person to really get the full effect.

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